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  Cancellation Policy
All lessons cancelled by the student/golfer within 24 to 48 hours of their lesson will charged a $100 fee. Lessons which are cancelled because of the weather will be rescheduled or other time options will be offered. Classes will not be conducted when conditions are unsuitable to learning. To find out if your class is on schedule please call the pro shop at Glen Eagle 905 880-0131 x 232.

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2012 Clinic Dates and Times

Any questions please email .

Choose the Program that fits your profile

Coming soon, dates, and times for Junior Girl Lessons and clinics with Leslie Price.

Lessons with Sandra Post
(call or email at )
golf ball Private Lessons (45 minutes) $ 130.00
golf ball Package of 5 private lessons $678.00
golf ball Semi private lessons (one hour) $ 113.00 per person
golf ball Package of 3 semi private $ 650.00 ($ 325.00 per person)
  Clinics, Short Game/Long Game/New Golfer, Intermediate and Advanced.
See below.
Lessons with Leslie Price
golf ball Private Lessons (45 minutes) $ 85.00
golf ball Package of 5 private lessons $ 400.00
golf ball Semi private lessons (one hour) $ 150.00 ($ 75.00 per person)
golf ball Package of 3 semi private $ 400.00 ($ 200.00 per person)

> Level 1 New Golfer Clinic: $ 271.20 (includes tax)
Program includes:
golf ball 5 hrs. of instruction, on the range and on the golf course
golf ball Ratio, one instructor, 6 students maximum.
golf ball Sandra Post and Me instructional autographed book
golf ball Use of superior women's golf equipment and education on golf equipment selection
golf ball Golf exercises, how to warm up properly
golf ball Drills
If you are interested in learning to golf properly with good basics: the grip, stance, posture and alignment, in a stress free but professional environment, we recommend this group session. The golf swing is taught in a simple manner, with drills. THIS CLASS COMPRISES OF 5 HOURS OF GOLF INSTRUCTION. THERE ARE MANY VARIATIONS OF THIS CLINIC, CHECK THE TIMES WHICH ARE MOST CONVENIENT FOR YOU. THE NEW CLINIC THIS YEAR IS A 2 LESSONS, 2 1/2 EACH.  The classes run through the week or on weekends. Students will hit irons, hybrids, fairway woods and the driver. The short game, which includes putting and chipping also will be covered. In the last session you will go on course to a private 4-hole course located at Glen Eagle. It is important to us you are comfortable making the transition from range to golf course. During the final class with Sandra, you will learn golf terms such as Scramble (best ball format), etiquette, some simple rules and discover what pace of play, continuous putting, ready-golf mean. If you do not have your own clubs this class includes quality golf clubs for your use.

New Clinic 2012

Level 1A - For the golfer who has advanced past the beginner stage but has not reached the Intermediate Clinic Level:
golf ball Class includes: ...
  - 3 hours of instruction
- 6-1 ratio
- golf stretching excercises
- review the basics
- unlimited range balls
- golf equipment check and advice on what would be the best equipment for you
- short game
- on course work including some golf etiquette rules

Cost: $214. tax included

We will start the class with golf stretches, review the grip, stance, posture, alignment and set up. We will check your golf equipment and make suggestions. We will spend time on the Short Game(putting and pitching) and take you on our Short Course to make sure you know basic golf etiquette and rules. This is a 3 hour course, that can be done in a ½ day format.

Level 1:
golf ball July 28 & 29 Saturday & Sunday    9:00 am - 11:30 am
golf ball Sept 8 & 9 Saturday & Sunday    9:00 am - 11:30 am

Level 1A (1/2 day class):
golf ball August 18 Saturday   9:00 am - 12:00 pm

> Level 2 Intermediate Clinics: Cost $ 214.70 (includes tax)
Program includes:
golf ball 2 lessons, an hour and a half each lessons (3+ hours of lessons)
golf ball review the basics
golf ball golf exercises
golf ball education of golf equipment and assessment of your golf equipment
golf ball unlimited supply of golf balls to hit within the class
golf ball drills, to help you develop a better swing
golf ball how to practice properly
golf ball 6 students maximum to one instructor, Sandra Post

A level 2 golfer is one who currently plays, keeps score and shoots between 100-120.  We start this class in the Short Game area of Glen Eagle Golf and Country Club and cover one aspect of the Short Game. From there we will head to the Long Game area and start with stretching exercises. We will review the grip, stance, posture, alignment and set up. We use drills to help you review the various segments of the swing. The sessions are an hour and half scheduled mostly over two consecutive days. There are some classes stretched over two weekends. See below for schedules. These intense hitting sessions are a great way to start the season, review the basics plus bring your game to the next level.  Remember to take advantage of our short game bonus please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled classes. If you have your own group of 6 please call as soon as you can so we accommodate your date request.

Level 2 (1/2 day class):
golf ball    

> Level 3 Advanced Learning: Cost $ 226.00 (includes tax)
Instructor: Sandra Post - LPGA
Program includes:
golf ball review of basics
golf ball golf drills
golf ball golf exercises
golf ball assess golf equipment
golf ball unlimited balls while in class
golf ball great conditioning class
golf ball Bonus - short game refresher
The advanced learning class is for the serious golfer who shoots under 100 for women, and 90 for men. With unlimited hitting of balls this class is designed to condition you as well as make slight changes in your swing and game. We meet in the Short Game area at Glen Eagle G & CC, where you are encouraged to come early to practice. We will work on one aspect of the Short Game then move to the Long Game area. You will be encouraged to work on your trouble clubs and ask questions. Ratio of this class with Sandra is 5 students to 1 instructor.
Level 3:
golf ball    

> Short Game Clinic: Cost $ 169.50 (includes tax)
Instructor: Sandra Post - LPGA
Program includes:
golf ball 6 students maximum
golf ball class includes putting, chipping, pitching and sand play
golf ball class includes etiquette and rules
golf ball The first class, putting, we explain the stroke, review the basics, stance, posture, try different grips and check the length of your putter to see if it is the correct fit.
golf ball The second class we move around the green for chipping and pitching. We explain, the pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and playing percentage shots.  We work on our sand play.
golf ball we teach you how to get the most out of your practice
golf ball each class is an hour and a half in length
Take stokes off your score with quality practice and with a short game class that is easy to understand. This clinic consists of 2 lessons an hour and a half for each session. You are encouraged to arrive early for your class or stay after the session and practice at the Glen Eagle short game area. This is a fast paced class that is fun and full of quality information.  Regardless of your level of play this class will help you with ?the scoring part of the game?.

Short game clinics (1/2 day class):
golf ball    


> Women's Executive Golf Day - $ 125.00 pp and up + Taxes
(Minimum 20 )
All Women's Golf Days are conducted at the Glen Eagle Golf Club, Bolton. We are able to tailor golf events specifically for your group. From team building to introducing new golfers to the game, our teachers make the event informative, active and fun. Your event may consist of a few hours of clinics (putting, chipping and long game), rotating every half hour. This is followed by lunch and presentations. We can also add on course play for 9 or 18 holes. With this choice you may add a catered lunch with drinks supplied in each golfers power cart. Depending on the golfers ability we can play a Scramble (best ball format) or your own ball. All this can be followed by wine and cheese and a prize presentation. The instructors will accompany your group on course for help with rules, etiquette and on course management. They will play along with the groups. Sandra Post conducts one of the clinics (long game) and also goes on course and plays with the groups. The minimum number for this day is 20. Please contact us for individual pricing of your tailored golf day at the Sandra Post Golf School.

> Private Lessons: See Rates
The private lesson is a one on one experience. If time does not allow to take a clinic, or you want to work on a specific part of your game, then the private lesson is the way to go. They are 45 minutes in length and you can work on any aspect of your game. Please refer to the rate schedule above for individual instructors rates.

> Semi Private Lessons: See Rates
The semi-private lesson is an hour in length. This lesson consists of two students and one instructor. To maximize learning, both golfers should be of like ability and it is up to you to provide both golfers. Any aspect of the game can be worked on and tailored to suit your own needs. Please refer to the rate schedule above for individual instructor rates.

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